Flame & Horsehead in Orion 

On these pages you can find out about my interest in Astronomy and progress on the projects which I have running. I have been interested in Astronomy for many years. My first telescope, a small refractor, was purchased from Dixons and served me very well. I still have a paperweight containing my first astro photograph, the moon. Since then I have purchased several telescopes and I currently like Meade , Takahashi & TMB Telescopes.

The Meade ETX/EC-90 , is ideal for travelling and I have taken mine on several business trips which enabled me to see the transit of Mercury. Under clear skies, the views in the ETX are great and I highly recommend it. 

My other telescopes include a TMB 7" and an Astro-Physics 4.75" refractor on a Paramount ME mount which is housed in a dome and is being used to observe deep-sky objects. For wide-field imaging I use a Takahashi FS60 and a 6" Takahashi Astrograph. I also have a Coronado Nearstar and a Solarmax 90 filter to observe solar prominences.

For visual use I have a 12” LX90 GPS

I also give talks to Astronomy groups.