My current setup, shown above has evolved over a number of years. It comprises of a 7"TMB refractor mounted on a Paramount ME.  

Originally the dome housed  a 12” LX200 which was a great scope to learn on and I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to learn astro-photography.

Then I moved on to an Astro-Physics AP1200 with a Meade 14” telescope mounted on the top. I loved this telescope but it was too wide for the dome and I had to regularly run down to the dome and move the opening.

In the other dome I use to have a Takahashi refractor  which I tried to use for imaging, but I found running two telescopes at once for imaging, too time consuming. 

Therefore, I decided to keep the dome for visual observing and put a 12” LX90 in this dome.

Equipment List